Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I attend the 2021 MNL Conference and Trade Show without proof of double vaccination for COVID-19?  

No, you cannot. If you want to attend the event in person, you must be doubly vaccinated for COVID-19. A virtual live stream of conference proceedings in the main venue are main will be available to registered municipalities. This live stream is for observation only.  

  1. What proof of vaccination is required?  

The 2021 MNL Conference and Trade Show will accept any proof of vaccination consistent with provincial public health guidelines. We recommend that attending delegates download the NLVaxPass App. However, paper copy proof of vaccinations will be accepted.  

  1. Where will my proof of vaccination be checked?  

It will be checked before you enter the conference venue.  

  1. What other COVID-19 safety measures will be in place at the conference?  
  • Mandatory masking at all times 
  • No gathering.  
  • Temperature checks at entrances and wrist bands 
  1. Can I take my mask off when I am sitting down for a conference session?  

No, the only time that you can remove your mask is when you are eating and/or drinking in designated areas.  

  1. Who can I sit with?  

For all sessions happening on the Main Arena floor, we are asking delegates to stay within their council bubble by sharing a two-person table. Please maintain physical distance while seated.

  1. What are my obligations when I am not at the conference venue?  

You are expected to abide by ALL provincial COVID-19 guidance when not at the conference venue. We expect attending delegates to be respectful of others and their host community. We strongly discourage any gatherings or behaviour outside of the conference venue that are not in compliance with provincial health guidelines.  

  1. What sessions will I be able view online? 

Sessions on the arena floor will be live streamed and can be accessed by registered municipalities.

  1. Can I vote if our Council registered for the virtual/online access? 

No. The online registration is for observation only. It is a shared registration for Council and staff that cannot attend, but still want to see and hear some of the key presentations. It is not assigned to an individual delegate and therefore does not give access to voting in either the AGM, the resolutions session or the Directors elections. Only registered, in-person delegates can be assigned as voting delegates.