MNL Women’s Caucus

Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador created a Women’s Caucus to focus on how we can encourage more women to take on leadership roles within the municipal sector and how to provide support once they are there. Our goal is to improve our programs while developing stronger supports for women in municipal leadership and administrative roles.

Women’s Leadership Summit Presentations

The 2nd Women’s Leadership Summit took place at the 2021 MNL Conference and Trade Show in Corner Brook on Nov. 3. With a theme of Connect Communicate Succeed, the Summit provided an opportunity for women in the municipal sector to share their experiences through discussion and presentations. The presentations are presented here as a resource and inspiration.

(above) Municipal and Provincial Affairs Minister Krista Lynn Howell joined the summit virtually.

(above) Federation of Canadian Municipalities President Joanne Vanderheyden’s presentation.

(above) MNL Director of Advocacy and Communications Dr. Deatra Walsh’s presentation.

Resources for Dr. Deatra Walsh’s presentation:

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(above) Atlantic Storytellers founder Amy Stoodley’s presentation 

Resources mentioned in Amy Stoodley’s presentation:

Book: Reflections on Feminist Communications and Media Scholarship

Video: How Women in Politics are Victims of Online Abuse

Research Paper: Women’s Empowerment in Digital Media: A Communication Paradigm

Other cool resources worth checking out are: