Call for MNL Committee Members

MNL is currently seeking enthusiastic and motivated individuals for our advisory committees. Advisory committees are volunteer groups that provide advice, guidance, and recommendations to MNL’s Board of Directors on matters relating to that particular portfolio 

Responsibilities of an MNL Advisory Committee Member: 

  • Committee members must be on council or municipal administrative staff.
  • Committees will provide advice, guidance, and recommendations to the Board of Directors on relevant matters related to their particular advisory committee. 
  • Meetings will be held frequently enough to accomplish the goals set out in the work-plan.  Committee members are expected to make every effort to participate in each meeting by teleconference, video conference or in person. 
  • Members are expected to review and respond to email requests in a timely fashion. 

 MNL has seven (7) advisory committees including: advocacy, conference, finance, membership, small towns, women’s caucus, youth caucus. A brief description of each committee can be found below. 

How to Apply


Individuals wishing to serve on an MNL advisory committee must complete and submit this Expressions of Interest form by Feb. 1, 2023.  

Committee Descriptions


The purpose of the Advocacy Committee is to act in an advisory capacity to provide strategic input into and feedback on MNL’s advocacy planning and key advocacy initiatives. The committee will also review resolutions put forward by the membership and provide recommendations to the MNL Board of Directors.   

The purpose of the Conference Committee is to work with MNL staff to plan the annual MNL Conference and Trade Show, including developing the conference agenda and working with staff to determine speakers. The committee is also responsible for reviewing the conference budget. There is an expectation that a committee comprised of MNL members and sector partners from the region in which the conference is being held will be struck to assist with the development and organization of the conference social and networking events. 

Finance and Administration: 
The purpose of the Finance and Administration Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling financial oversight responsibilities. The committee will play an active role in reviewing financial statements, engagement of external auditors, and planning for risk management. The Committee also ensures members are kept up to date on key issues relating to overall MNL finances. 

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to support MNL staff in increasing and maintaining membership satisfaction by: monitoring existing member service arrangements and developing new or revised services to be recommended to the Board, considering new member categories and assessments for consideration by the Board, reviewing current services, fee structures and member categories, exploring new services such as land use planning, professional development and debt consolidation, and conducting regular membership satisfaction surveys.

Small Towns: 
The Small Towns Caucus represents municipalities with a population of less than 3,000.  This committee will advise the Small Towns Director on issues of common concern to rural communities.  This committee will also provide a mechanism for the Small Towns Director to review MNL policy discussions with representatives of the Small Towns Caucus before these policies are adopted. 

The Women’s Caucus provides practical support for women working on council or for a municipal government. The committee will help MNL develop professional training activities, workshops and tools that will address needs identified by the Women’s Caucus and that are in line with MNL’s strategic plan. It supports strategic direction and provides input on the annual Women’s Leadership Summit in conjunction with the annual conference. 

The Youth Caucus Committee acts in an advisory capacity and provides strategic input to: 1) support and encourage younger individuals to consider joining municipal councils, and 2) encourage municipal civic engagement among children and young adults.