MNL acknowledges municipal collaboration post blizzard

January 24, 2020


Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador is applauding the collaborative efforts of municipalities across the province in the aftermath of the January 17 storm, which affected the eastern half of the island.

“This is a tremendous example of how we can work together when faced with adverse circumstances,” said MNL president Sheila Fitzgerald. “We are a network of interdependent communities. An event like this certainly brings this to light.”

Between January 17 and 19, two storm systems left up to 100 cm of snow in areas and significant drifts. States of emergency have been in effect across the region and snow clearing efforts in affected municipalities are still ongoing.

Municipalities are sharing equipment, resources and information to ensure that communities are operational. Municipal staff across the Northeast Avalon have worked tirelessly to get the lives of residents back to normal as quickly and safely as possible.

“Mayors and councils have shown real leadership during this unprecedented crisis. We’d especially like to acknowledge the leadership of Mayor Breen in handling the situation in St. John’s, and for providing us with an example of the importance of regional coordination and communication,” said President Fitzgerald. “MNL supports our local leaders as they work through this. We will be able to move forward with a lot of lessons learned and best practices to share.”

The MNL office in St. John’s will reopen on January 27.


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