MNL broadcasting LIVE at the Municipal Symposium

Broadcasting LIVE from the symposium.

104.7 FM radio and internet radio webcast

MNL is very excited to broadcast live from the Municipal Symposium on 104.7 FM radio and internet radio webcast this week in the Town of Gander. We want to bring our event to municipal councillors and staff who cannot make it to the Municipal Symposium as well as reach out to residents and give them a peek inside the world of local government.

Our satellite radio show is now set up on the Mezzanine level of the Hotel Gander, feel free to drop by for an on-air chat about local government, promote an upcoming festival in your community or drop off a CD showcasing local talent!

This is the first time MNL has ever tried something like this and with your help and participation, we can take community and membership engagement to the next level!


Click here for Internet Radio May 1 to 6