Municipal Solutions Platform

MNL launches Municipal Solutions Platform as part of provincial election advocacy.

January 21, 2021

St. John’s – Today, Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador is launching its provincial election advocacy campaign.  The Municipal Solutions Platform details MNL’s advocacy priorities designed to advance the municipal sector and improve local governance by addressing municipal fiscal stability, innovation in municipal infrastructure, regionalization and a municipal seat at decision-making tables.

MNL has shared the Municipal Solutions Platform with the four provincial political parties and encourages its members to engage with local candidates on these issues.

Over the next three weeks, the organization will provide a weekly deeper dive into each of these issues between now and election day. The schedule is as follows; week of January 25 – municipal fiscal stability, week of February 1 – innovative infrastructure, and February 8 – regionalization.

“Municipalities are the level of government closest to the people in our province. We must remember that municipal issues are provincial issues. We’ve been asked for big bold ideas to solve the crisis that we are in. Our sector has solutions. We need a seat at the table with government and a strong collaborative relationship to make sure we can make those solutions a reality.” Craig Pollett, MNL Chief Executive Officer.



Download: Municipal Solutions Platform

Municipalities Newfoundland & Labrador (MNL) was formed in 1951 as an umbrella organization mandated to represent and support local government in Newfoundland and Labrador. MNL represents the 275 incorporated municipalities in the province that service 89 per cent of the population and their more than 2,000 leaders.


Deatra Walsh
Director of Advocacy, Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador
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