Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador Applauds Province’s Commitment to Municipal Fiscal Stability

For Immediate Release
March 21, 2024 

St. John’s – Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador (MNL) is pleased to see the Provincial Government’s commitment to supporting municipal fiscal stability in the 2024 Provincial budget.  

As MNL continues to work toward building sustainable, vibrant and fiscally stable communities, we are looking to the Provincial Government for adequate, reliable, funding for municipal fire services, training, and infrastructure.  

Funding for fire department responses beyond municipal boundaries had not increased in a decade, while costs have sharply increased. Municipal fire departments, largely staffed by volunteers, are increasingly asked to respond to calls outside municipal boundaries. The cost to respond to these service calls – motor vehicle accidents, for example – have increased substantially. 

We are pleased to see that the 2024 budget includes funding increases to municipal fire services and funding increases for training of municipal council and staff.  

Ahead of Budget 2024, MNL called on the government to support municipalities in their efforts to provide fire services and adequate training to staff and council. Additionally, MNL is looking for a commitment to overhauling outdated legislation, including the three Cities Acts and the Taxation of Utilities and Cable Television Companies Act to address lost municipal revenue. 

MNL looks forward to continuing to work with the Province in our mission to support vibrant, sustainable communities in Newfoundland and Labrador.  

MNL views the provincial government’s continued commitment to increasing Municipal Operating Grants again this year by $3 million, as per government’s 2023 budget commitment, as recognition for the need to enhance fiscal stability of our communities. 

“We are pleased that the government is listening to the needs of municipalities. Today’s budget is a step toward municipal fiscal stability. Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador looks forward to continuing to advocate for vibrant, sustainable communities.” – Amy Coady, MNL President 


Media Contact 

Tobias Romaniuk
Communications and Marketing Officer