Municipalities Require Additional Revenue-Generating Options to Ensure Future Sustainability

For Immediate Release
Oct. 10, 2023 

St. John’s – Municipalities across Newfoundland and Labrador are proposing several resolutions to seek additional revenue streams, as they continue to struggle with fiscal challenges. 

Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador (MNL), prior to its annual general meeting, issues a call for resolutions from the membership. This year, nine of the 11 resolutions submitted deal with fiscal matters, ranging from alternative taxation options, to supports for municipal emergency services, to increases to provincial grant programs. 

The current fiscal arrangement is not working. Changes to the ways municipalities are funded, including options for generating revenue, are urgently required.  

Property taxes and service fees are the only way for municipalities to generate reliable revenue, but these methods are proving increasingly inadequate in meeting municipalities’ fiscal needs.  

MNL is collaborating with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) to find solutions. At the upcoming MNL Conference, FCM will present an update on its municipal fiscal growth work to members. 

“Municipalities must be given the resources, tools, and autonomy to determine fiscal solutions that meet their needs and ensure their future sustainability. MNL continues to advocate for the need for municipal fiscal stability. We look forward to working with other orders of government in sourcing solutions.” – Amy Coady, MNL President.    



About MNL member resolutions: Prior to the AGM, members are encouraged to submit resolutions. These resolutions contribute to determining the advocacy priorities and direction for MNL in the upcoming year. Following approval by the MNL board of directors, resolutions are distributed to the membership prior to the AGM. During the AGM, each resolution is voted on. Those that receive a majority approval are then actioned by MNL staff.  

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