Municipalities Seek Cooperation from Federal and Provincial Governments in Providing Housing Solutions

Sept. 25, 2023 
For Immediate Release 

St. John’s – Local governments want to provide housing solutions but are currently restricted by financial and legislative barriers.

A majority of large municipalities in NL are experiencing housing shortages. Local government leaders are working on solutions but need cooperation from other levels of government in the form of legislative reform and reworking funding models to better suit the needs of municipalities.

Grants that incentivize creating affordable and mid-range housing units, including renovating existing buildings, are welcome, but they need to consider the needs of smaller municipalities with fewer resources. Current funding models have burdensome application requirements that effectively exclude smaller municipalities. This needs to change.

MNL continues to work with our members and partner organizations, such as the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, to provide support and resources to municipalities facing housing challenges. MNL also continues to advocate for provincial and federal government housing programs that meet the needs of municipalities.

MNL is calling on the provincial and federal governments to provide municipalities with the legislative and fiscal frameworks required to pursue housing solutions and to work with municipalities in facilitating access to housing for all.

“Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador recognizes that access to safe, secure and affordable housing is vital for building vibrant, sustainable communities. Municipal council members recognize that they have a leadership role to play in advocating for and responding to housing needs in their community. But they can’t do it alone. They need flexible, right-sized supports from other levels of government.” – MNL President Amy Coady


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