Premier Ball Announces $555.9 Million Agreement for Community Infrastructure

Executive Council
Municipal Affairs and Environment
September 10, 2018

Premier Ball Announces $555.9 Million Agreement for Community Infrastructure

The Honourable Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, today announced the signing of a bilateral agreement with the Government of Canada under the Investing in Canada Plan that will provide more than $555 million in federal funding over the next decade for community infrastructure projects.

The Investing in Canada Plan will see the provincial and federal governments make unprecedented investments in public transit, green infrastructure, recreational, cultural, and community infrastructure, as well as rural and northern communities. Additional information regarding the allocations for each of the four streams of the program over 10 years is provided in the backgrounder below.

The projects supported through this agreement will involve contributions from the provincial, federal, and municipal governments and other partners. A call for applications for potential projects will be made by the Provincial Government in the coming weeks.

This initiative delivers on commitments in The Way Forward to strengthen the province’s economic foundation, enhance efficiency, and deliver better services and better outcomes for residents. The Way Forward outlines all actions the Provincial Government is taking to achieve a strong, diversified province with a high standard of living, and can be viewed at

“We value our collaborative working relationship with our federal counterparts as we continue to ensure that residents are directly benefiting from high quality municipal infrastructure. As we have outlined in The Way Forward, our government continues to leverage all available sources of federal funding, including the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Plan, to maximize investments that will achieve greater efficiency, strengthen the province’s economic foundation, enhance services, and improve outcomes for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.”
Honourable Dwight Ball
Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador

“The Investing in Canada Plan will see the Governments of Newfoundland and Labrador and Canada make unprecedented investments in community infrastructure. The plan enables our government to deliver on our commitments to residents to provide a better quality of life for residents, prioritizing clean drinking water and wastewater systems, and building quality roads and strong communities.”
Honourable Andrew Parsons
Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment

“I am very pleased to join Newfoundland and Labrador today for the signing of this agreement as part of our Investing in Canada plan. This funding will make a real difference to Newfoundland and Labrador communities. Residents will enjoy safer roads and highways, improved water and wastewater facilities, and will benefit from new green infrastructure. Long-term investments in infrastructure are key to building a strong Canada–connecting people, creating good jobs for the middle class, and building inclusive communities that will remain competitive in today’s economy and over the next century.”
Honourable François-Philippe Champagne
Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, Government of Canada

– 30 –

Learn More

The Way Forward

Budget 2018 – Safe and Sustainable Communities PDF Icon

Investing in Canada – Canada’s Long-term Infrastructure Plan external link icon

Investing in Canada Plan Project Map external link icon

Federal Infrastructure Investments in Newfoundland and Labrador external link icon


Media contacts
Michelle Cannizzaro
Office of the Premier

Lynn Robinson
Municipal Affairs and Environment
709-729-5449, 691-9466

Kate Monfette
Office of the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities


Investing in Canada Plan – Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador will receive a total of $555,842,846 from 2018-2028 through this agreement.

Allocations by funding

Funding Stream Allocation Expected Outcomes at Project Completion*
Public Transit $109,071,324 to build new urban transit networks and service extensions that will transform the way Canadians live, move and work. · Improved capacity of public transit infrastructure

· Improved quality and safety of existing and future transit systems

· Improved access to public transit systems

Green Infrastructure $302,364,807 to support greenhouse gas emission (GHG) reductions; enable greater adaptation and resilience to the impacts of climate change and climate-related disaster mitigation, and ensure that more communities can provide clean air and safe drinking water for their citizens. · Increased capacity to manage more renewable energy

· Increased access to clean energy transportation

· Increased energy efficiency of buildings

· Increased generation of clean energy

· Increased structural capacity and increased natural capacity to adapt to climate change impacts, natural disasters and extreme weather events

· Increased capacity to treat and manage wastewater and stormwater

· Increased access to potable water

· Increased capacity to reduce or remediate soil and air pollutants

Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure $39,768,539 towards community, culture and recreation infrastructure to build stronger communities and improve social inclusion. · Improved access to and increased quality of community, cultural and recreational infrastructure for Canadians, including Indigenous Peoples and vulnerable populations
Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure $104,638,175 to support projects that improve the quality of life in rural and northern communities by responding to rural and northern specific needs. · Improved food security

· Improved and more reliable road, air and marine infrastructure

· Improved broadband connectivity

· More efficient and reliable energy

· Improved education and health facilities that benefit Indigenous peoples (specific to Truth and Reconciliation Commission)

2018 09 10                              11:20 a.m.

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