President Karen Oldford participated in 2nd Local Government Summit

Ottawa, June 2, 2017 – The second edition of the Local Government Summit was held yesterday in Ottawa, in advance of a conference for provincial and territorial ministers of municipal affairs scheduled for June 29 in Regina. Saskatchewan municipal association presidents Ray Orb (Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities) and Gordon Barnhart (Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association) co-chaired the summit of municipal association presidents from Canadian provinces and territories.

Mayor Karen Oldford, President of Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador (MNL) said, “This summit comes at the perfect time for MNL. We are in the middle of regional government consultations, exploring new revenue tools and all while keenly aware of rapidly changing demographics. Addressing these issues takes a real partnership with the provincial government. The discussion here today gives me confidence that we are not working alone on these important issues.”

The summit reaffirmed three fundamental principles to build a new relationship between provincial and municipal governments.

First, recognizing the role of local governments is essential. Several Canadian provinces are moving in this direction. Quebec’s Bill 122 and New Brunswick Bill 44 are the most recent example of progressive legislation in this regard.

Second, it is important to continue to strengthen the partnership between two orders of government. This relationship must be based on an ongoing dialogue on the issues and increasing municipal autonomy and responsibilities.

Third, the rapidly evolving role and responsibilities of today’s municipalities require an in-depth review of their revenue sources. Currently, available revenue sources are no longer appropriate for Canadian municipalities.

Presidents of provincial and territorial associations concluded the meeting with a commitment to continue these annual meetings and the ongoing dialogue on our common issues. They also agreed to undertake further work on the various sources of income of municipalities across the country to find the best tools for community development.



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