Towns Raising Red Flags Over Illegal ATV Use


The illegal use of ATVs struck a chord with delegates at this year’s MNL conference in Gander over the weekend.

The Town of Holyrood brought forward a resolution to address illegal use, limited enforcement and seeking help from the provincial government to find ways to fix the problem.

It passed with an overwhelming majority.

Holyrood Mayor Gary Goobie says the town wants to see government review its legislation, and impose greater fines and stricter penalties. He says it’s getting worse with ATVs driving in traffic and passing vehicles on the road. He says they don’t believe the proper deterrents are in place.

He says vehicles should be impounded and not given back until the driver takes a safety course.

Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador Tony Keats says it’s a big problem, especially in rural communities. He says ATVs are being misused, being driven at high speeds on streets, sometimes without helmets.

Last month, Grand Falls-Windsor RCMP charged the parents of a young person caught driving on the road in Bishops Falls on an ATV.