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Communities need to be ready in the event of a flu or infectious disease outbreak: Click here for community info.

  • Your public health department or local health authority will play a large role in keeping your community informed. Visit the website
  • Look out for local, provincial and territorial governments for their pandemic plans as well.
  • Decisions made by health officials may affect your social groups, sports teams, schools, restaurants, and community facilities.
  • Help get the word out to your friends, family, neighbours, and social groups about the importance of being prepared, where to get reliable information during a pandemic and to stay as healthy as possible.

Workplace: Tips for both employers and workers: Click here for workplace tips

While no one can say when a pandemic will arrive, it is estimated that there will only be about 3 or 4 weeks between when human-to-human transmission of a new virus is confirmed, and its arrival in Canada.

During an infectious disease outbreak, issues may come up about how to keep the organization operational, and at the same time, how to protect your workers from the effects of illness. The workplace may be affected by staff absenteeism, shortages of supplies, and decreased numbers of customers.

Learn more about what the law says, tips for both employers and workers, and guidance on developing a business continuity plan, so you can be ready ahead of time.