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Municipal COVID-19 Facility Policy Template 

(July 17, 2020)
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Municipalities across the province are reopening recreational facilities and services to residents and organizations. MNL understands that members are concerned about safety and about exposure to potential liabilities associated with COVID-19. The legal opinion provided to MNL suggests that COVID-19 policy development and implementation at the municipal level is an important step to reduce liability risk.

This municipal COVID-19 facility policy is a template that can be customized to your needs. It can apply to facilities where your municipality is able to meet most or all aspects of alert level guidance provided by the Provincial Government, and it can include facilities where not all aspects of the guidance can be met. For example, if you have a playground that you cannot sanitize completely as per the guidelines but you are opening that facility, this policy will allow you to outline what you are doing with respect to this particular playground and what you cannot do right now. Stating that no sanitizing and cleaning is being done beyond normal practice and putting up signage to indicate that it is use at own risk is acceptable as long as it is outlined in the policy and is communicated to the public.

The goal here is to be clear with everyone in terms of your efforts and to make people aware of any potential risks. It is important to follow the public health orders on the size of gatherings at each of the Alert Levels and the number of people allowed at facilities. As per the legal opinion, MNL asks that members confirm that your general liability insurance policy does not contain an exclusion for epidemics, pandemics and/or public health emergencies.

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The following templates have been provided courtesy of the City of St. John’s and the Towns of Paradise, Torbay, and Portugal Cove St. Philips.