Plastic Bag Ban

MNL is calling for a provincial ban on single-use plastic bags.

During our Annual General Meeting, last month in Corner Brook the membership overwhelmingly adopted a Provincial Ban on Single-use Plastic Bags resolution presented by the Town of Torbay.

Minister Eddie Joyce has suggested that he could empower municipalities to enact their own bans and policies, this is not empowering municipalities but downloading onto municipalities. Regulation of the retail sector is a provincial responsibility, and MNL does not support an amendment to the Municipalities Act that downloads this burden of responsibility onto municipalities.

It is important that Ministers and your local MHAs hear from you on this issue. They need to understand most municipalities don’t have the administrative capacity to implement or enforce this ban at the local level. This ban must happen at the provincial level. Doing it at the municipal level will be expensive, complicated, and it just won’t work.

Our support for a provincial ban on single-use plastic bags has been getting widespread public support, within the environmental sector and with business groups.  It must happen, and it must be provincially mandated.

We are asking each municipal council write to your provincial MHA (Member of the House of Assembly) highlighting the necessity of a provincial plastic bag ban. We have included a template letter for your use.

We are also asking you send a copy of the letter to the following:
•    Premier Dwight Ball,
•    Municipal Affairs and Environment Minister Eddie Joyce,
•    And MNL

The names and email for current members of the House of Assembly can be found at the website:

Together we can make this happen,

Mayor Tony Keats,

President, Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador