Women’s Caucus

Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador created a Women’s Caucus to focus on how we can encourage more women to take on leadership roles within the municipal sector and how to provide support once they are there. Our goal is to improve our programs while developing stronger supports for women in municipal leadership and administrative roles.


MNL Women’s Mentorship Program: Through tools such as the Women’s Mentorship Program, we hope to build a stronger community of women and provide opportunities to improve their skills and advance their political and professional careers.

Join our Facebook group: MNL Women’s Caucus

Other Resources:
  • FCM/Women in Local Government: Closing the gender gap in municipal governments.
  • PMA Mentorship Program Building an ongoing relationship of learning, dialogue, and professional development.
  • Equal Voice NL: Canada needs more women in politics. Now. It’s about fairness and the future of Canada.
  • Gender & Politics Lab: Researching women’s participation in formal politics, the role of gender in political attitudes and the measurement of gender in survey research, and the role of motherhood (and parenthood) in politics. Directed by Dr.  Amanda Bittner.
  • Make Your Mark: Getting ready to run?  Here you’ll find everything you need to know to get started, and some information to help you out throughout your campaign.