PRIME: Deadline for Annual Employer Statements

Save money and prevent injuries through PRIME

Deadline for Annual Employer Statements – PRIME Reminder!

To be considered for the 2016 PRIME refund, make sure you complete and return you 2016 Annual Employer Statements by February 28th, 2017


Do you want to save money and have healthier, safer workplaces?

Under PRIME, employers can lower their assessments by meeting their PRIME Practice requirements and by managing their claim costs. There are two incentives available to eligible employers:

The PRIME Practice Incentive rewards employers who have good occupational health and safety (OH&S) and return-to-work practices in place. Employers can receive a 5% Practice refund on their average annual assessments by meeting their PRIME Practice Requirements.

The PRIME Experience Incentive rewards employers based on their claim cost experience. Employers with low claim costs can receive an Experience refund, while employers with high claim costs may receive an Experience charge.

These financial incentives are calculated annually for all eligible employers when their Annual Employer Statements are processed. A PRIME eligible employer who does not meet their Practice Incentive and reporting requirements will not receive PRIME refund(s), but will still be subject to charges, if applicable, under the PRIME Experience Incentive.

For complete details on eligibility. Employer categories and PRIME policies, visit WorkplaceNL website at

Natasha Sharpe
Natasha Sharpe, Municipal Safety Advisor
Municipal Safety Council Newfoundland & Labrador