Northern/Western Regional Meeting

MNL’s regional meetings are an opportunity to network and share information with others in your region, while also getting updates on matters of interest to your municipality.

We look forward to seeing you in your region. Please note, meeting sessions in each region are scheduled for Friday afternoon and a full day on Saturday.


  • Code of Conduct
    A workshop to explore the effectiveness of your code of conduct
  • Infrastructure
    A session to gather information on leakage and expenditures within your region
  • Best Practices in Procurement
    Workshop exploring best practices in procurement
  • Operating Your Municipal Council More Effectively – Committees
    Workshop on committee participation, liability, structure, membership, functionality
  • Emergency Preparedness
    Workshop on emergency services and planning processes
  • Region-Specific Items & Roundtable
  • MNL Organizational Updates
    These will include strategic plan development, bylaw revisions

*agenda items subject to change

Location: Deer Lake Motel, Deer Lake
Cost: $150
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