The Municipal Administrator – AWARD OF EXCELLENCE

Administrator Award of Excellence 2018

Professional Municipal Administrators, with the support of Cal LeGrow, is pleased to announce the launch of the first Administrator Award of Excellence. This award has been established to recognize the contribution of an Administrator (Town Clerk, Manager, CAO, Department Head) of a member municipality who has demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism, leadership and innovation in his/her job.

Nominations for this award come from municipal councils, or peer administrators, and are forwarded to the PMA executive to select a recipient. This award is presented during the Friday evening banquet at the Annual General Meeting.

Criteria for this award is that the nominee is an Administrator of a member municipality who has demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism, leadership and innovation in his/her job.

Municipalities should include in their nominations the number of years of service to the municipality and in approximately 200 words; describe why this employee has been chosen. (i.e. Leadership Qualities, Innovative Ideas, Managerial Skills, Professionalism, etc.)

The Nominee must be an employee of a Newfoundland and Labrador municipality who is in good standing with PMA. Fax nomination form to 709-726-6408 or email:

Purpose of the Award

Since its inception, PMA has been dedicated to excellence in municipal administration and management. It is this dedication that has allowed PMA to become recognized for the high standards of service and program delivery that our members enjoy today.

PMA’s membership consists of Town Clerks, Managers, Chief Administrative Officers, and Department Heads, who are committed to both the ideals of our association and to the advancement of this profession in their municipality.

The Administrator Award of Excellence has been established to recognize the contribution of one such individual each year and to acknowledge, in a meaningful way, that the Association, the municipal profession and their community have all benefited from this contribution.

Selection Criteria and Process

Each year, the PMA Executive will receive nominations submitted by the elected body of the said Municipality, or peer administrator, and consider a list of potential recipients. To qualify for consideration, nominees must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must currently be a member in good standing of the Association for at least five (5) years.
  • Must be nominated by the Council in their respective municipality or peer administrator.
  • Must not have served on the PMA Board of Directors within the previous five (5) years.
  • Nominating Councils and/or peer administrator must be in good standing.

When selecting the Award recipient, in addition to determining that the nominees have met the eligibility requirements, the Executive will assess the following factors:

  • The individual’s demonstrated a commitment to fostering and sustaining municipal excellence through their contributions to the Association and the municipal profession.
  • The individual’s contribution to the training and education of municipal professionals and/or the development and implementation of sound policies and legislation that affect the delivery of municipal programs and services.
  • The individual’s commitment to (and involvement in) their home community on a volunteer basis.

A completed nomination form, accompanied by any additional background information, must be submitted electronically to the attention of the Awards Review Committee on the date outlined on the nomination form. Late submissions may not be considered.

The Administrator Award of Excellence will be presented to the selected recipient at the Appreciation Banquet during the Annual General Meeting