Mental Health Task Force

Welcome to the webpage for the municipal Mental Health Task Force: Communities That Care. The following webpage, audio/video resources, and downloadable information is intended for distribution to the municipal sector and residents of communities across Newfoundland and Labrador.

The task force is a municipality-driven initiative with a shared goal of making mental health ‘everybody’s business’. It creates a forum for discussion and a place to coordinate joint action.

The mental health task force assists municipalities with identifying priority actions and then seeking support to improve quality and accessibility for people with mental health issues.

The task force is led by Councillor Tina Neary of the Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philips, with administrative support from Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador.


May 19, 2022: The MHTF has recently partnered with wellness professional Gary Summers to develop and share audio and video resources, development of a monthly webinar, and support in developing an annual mental health summit.

News release: MHTF announces new partnership

Gary Summers is a professional speaker and hypnotherapist with a bachelor’s degree in Education, a master’s degree in Physiology and certifications in hypnotherapy and cognitive behavior therapy. He has written a book called MINDBODYSOUL that focuses on mental, physical and spiritual wellness. He conducts workshops on stress and work like balance and has developed a wellness seminar focused on mental health by examining self awareness and mindfulness. If you work with youth or adults or have a story you want to share about beating addiction, Gary would love to hear from you. Click on the image above to go to Gary’s website or email him at

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  1. Dominique Hurley Meditation – Lighten Up With Love
  2. Dominique Hurley Meditation – Setting Intentions on Your Path to Your Highest Good
  3. Dominique Hurley Meditation – Sing Your Spirit Song Meditation
  4. Gary Summers Hypnotherapy – Confidence
  5. Gary Summers Hypnotherapy – Dealing with Stress
  6. Gary Summers Hypnotherapy – Meditation
  7. Gary Summers Hypnotherapy – Phobia Cure
  8. Gary Summers Hypnotherapy – Rewrite Your Past
  9. Gary Summers Hypnotherapy – Sleep
  10. Gary Summers Hypnotherapy – Smoking
  11. Gary Summers Hypnotherapy – Study Habits
  12. Gary Summers Hypnotherapy – Weight Loss


Published Books and Presentations by Gary Summers:

  1. Gary Summers – Say No to Drugs K-6 (Video)
  2. Gary Summers – Say No to Drugs 7-12 (Video)
  3. Gary Summers – Body Shift (PDF Book)
  4. Gary Summers – Mind Shift (PDF Book)
  5. Gary Summers – Soul Shift (PDF Book)
  6. Gary Summers – Magic Tricks (Video
  7. Gary Summers – Magic With Cards (Video)

Printable Resources

  1. Healthy Habit Log (PDF)
  2. Mindful Breathing Tips (PDF)


How Essential Oils Support Healthy Mood Management with Gina Rideout
Watch the video

Conscious Leadership: Stepping into Your Own Power with Kerri Best
Watch the video

Something to Chew On: The Impact of Food on Our Daily Lives with Elizabeth (Betty) Nolan
Watch the video

Activate the Healer Within with health and wellness coach Lesley Bridger
Watch the video

An overview of the Canadian Mental Health Association
Watch the video

Post-Holiday Season Mental Health, presented by Gary Summers
Watch the video

Mental Health and Wellness Practices as a Municipal Leader with Equal Voice NL
Watch the video

A discussion on mental health with Firefighter Craig Smith, President of IAFF Local 1075
  Watch the video

A discussion on mental health with Paula Corcoran, Executive Director of CHANNAL
Watch the video

Managing Mental Wellness and COVID-19
Watch the video

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Monthly Meetings

The MHTF holds a monthly meeting immediately following its monthly webinar. These webinars and meetings take place on the 3rd Thursday of each month, beginning at 7PM. For more information, please email