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MNL - Canoe Procurement Group - Purchasing

As part of our new Membership Services Program - MNL Advantage, we have partnered with Canoe Procurement Group of Canada to provide our members with access to competitively priced goods and services.

Canoe Procurement enables municipalities to purchase from pre-approved vendors without the need to go through a tender process. A letter to MNL from the provincial government's chief procurement officer specifically allows municipalities to participate.

Click here for a full list of suppliers servicing Newfoundland and Labrador.

To download the Canoe Procurement Group member guide pdf, which is a good introduction to the program, click here.

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To join, please complete this  Membership Form and return it to Tim Elms, your local Client Relations Manager, at

Buying through our new membership services program, MNL Advantage saves you time and money. MNL member benefits include competitive pricing from reputable local vendors, access to products and services that have been competitively solicited and awarded, consolidated invoicing and easy payment terms.

MNL seeks to ensure that the procurement of products and services for members meets the requirements of the New West Trade Partnership Agreement (NWPTA) and the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), as well as the Public Procurement Act of Newfoundland and Labrador. More information about purchasing thresholds for Newfoundland and Labrador municipalities can be found here.

Learn About the Current Vendors and Product and Service Offerings
Click here → Cooperative Procurement - Approved Suppliers (March 2021)
How to Participate

Step 1 → Download and complete your opt-in  Membership Form.
Step 2 → Email completed forms to
Step 3 → Reach out to MNL about your specific purchasing needs.

Value to MNL Members
  • Additional procurement tool for MNL’s members – non-binding and no obligation to purchase.
  • Procurement compliance – PPA, NWPTA and CFTA compliant.
  • Access to contracted solutions from many of the top manufacturers and suppliers in the country.
  • Members select which vendor they want to buy from. The member will purchase/place any orders through the vendor and pay the vendor directly.  The vendor delivers the product and is responsible for applicable warranties.
Notice of Intent

Municipalities of Newfoundland Labrador, on behalf of its current and potential members and represented Associations and their members, intend to participate in one or more procurements conducted by Canoe Procurement Group of Canada and Sourcewell one or more procurements between January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. For further information and access to the Municipalities of Newfoundland Labrador tender notices, please review the Newfoundland Labrador Public Procurement Agency (PPA) website at and the MERX website at For further information on our alliance with the Canoe Procurement Group of Canada, please visit the website at For further information on Sourcewell, please visit the website at

For More Information or to Make A Purchase
Tim Elms, Client Relations Manager
902-818-0980 or email
Bradley Power, Director of Programs
709-753-6820 or email
Cal LeGrow MNL Municipal General Insurance Program

Our General Insurance Program, offered through Cal LeGrow, is of great benefit to all our members, large and small, by providing a stable, cost-effective program which provides a package of core coverage and also provides the ability for each MNL member to tailor the program to meet their individual needs. Participation in this program offers solid benefits to all our members. MNL Municipal General Insurance Program is available to all MNL members! For a complete list of available coverage offered through the program and a quote, please call Marg Ryan, Vice-President Commercial at 576-1612 or toll free at 1-866-576-1602, or via E-mail at - Career Posting Services

CareerBeacon, working with Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador, is pleased to offer MNL members the Special Rate of $250 plus HST per posting to advertise your career opportunities on our website. Our standard rate is $375 plus HST.

If you are not familiar with CareerBeacon, we are the largest Atlantic Canadian online career site. We receive over 750,000 views per month and have over 25,000 registered users. Our website can be viewed at You can also view our featured employers here

CareerBeacon ads:

  • Unlimited in length
  • Include your logo and website
  • Remain online for up to 30 days
  • Include how you would like applicants to apply - email, fax, website, mailing address
  • Send through “Notifier Service" your job posting to our registered users

CareerBeacon also offers additional features to help enhance your career posting;

  • Spotlight ($49) which places your logo our search field
  • Feature Position ($139) includes the logo in search field and places your position in rotation in the top three positions for a two week period

CareerBeacon is your proven partner to generate more qualified candidates applying for your positions - faster and from more locations. For details or to post a job posting, please contact Jacqui Janes at 709-765-4689 or by email


Click here to download the 2020 MNL Rates


Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is proud to be the Preferred Car Rental Provider for the Municipalities of Newfoundland. Here are some Highlights of your Business Rental Program:

  • Call your local office directly for reservations
  • Preferred rates with Enterprise-Rent-A-Car
  • Free on-line reservation service at
  • Free membership to Enterprise Plus
  • Free pick up and ride back service to the customer
  • Fixed rates that do not change regardless of peak travel periods
  • Set Rates from $48 for “Economy” to $70 for “Full Size SUV”
  • Collision Damage Waiver at a reduced rate
  • 5% off retail rates outside of Atlantic Canada
  • Account #: 9CA4363  / PIN #: MUN


eSCRIBE is a leading provider of cloud-based meeting management solutions, and the go-to-choice for public sector boards, committees and councils.

More than simple agendas and minutes; eSCRIBE supports each step of the meeting lifecycle with modular, comprehensive tools and workflow for staff, meeting participants and the public.

Compliant with accessibility requirements, such as AODA, WCAG 2.0, eSCRIBE aims to improve transparency and reduce the resources required to support meetings, so staff can focus on higher-value tasks and projects to better serve their stakeholders. A comprehensive, paperless solution, eSCRIBE also seamlessly integrates with Office365 – it’s Meetings, Evolved.

In July 2020, MNL announced its partnership with eSCRIBE, MNL’s preferred provider of cloud-based, paperless meeting management and live streaming solutions.


eSCRIBE Lite - Digital Transformation Bundle for Small Communities and School Boards - Specifically designed for smaller councils and committees, Lite’s prepackaged meeting management tools allows municipalities and districts to move from paper-based processes to fully digital meetings for administrators and staff, elected members, and the public.

MNL and eSCRIBE Partnership
Read the MNL and eSCRIBE partnership letter.
Read the MNL and eSCRIBE partnership press release.


eSCRIBE Webinar – Digital Solutions.  April 29, 2020
eSCRIBE, AMO’s partner of cloud-based meeting management solutions for public sector boards and councils, has unveiled eSCRIBE Lite. Learn more about how this program can assist smaller communities in crossing the digital divide.
Remote Electronic Meetings March 25, 2020
Amendments to the Municipal Act and the City of Toronto Act now permit councils, council committees, and local boards to meet virtually during either a municipal or provincial emergency. Learn how AMO’s digital meeting management partner, eSCRIBE, can help your municipality implement electronic meetings so that elected officials and staff can meet virtually and interact through the platform.
Introduction to eSCRIBE Lite: A Digital Meeting Management Solution for Small Municipalities. March 5, 2020
Learn more how eSCRIBE Lite can help smaller municipalities unlock efficiencies and help digitally transform public meetings.
Meeting Management with Integrated Digital Signatures. July 8, 2019
AMO encourages partners to work together where possible to integrate technologies to make processes more seamless for users. AMO is pleased to announce that Notarius and eSCRIBE have partnered to help create greater levels of assurance for municipal users across Ontario. The Notarius digital and electronic signature platform integrated with eSCRIBE’s meeting management platform and will greatly improve the management of all documents in eSCRIBE’s Cloud-based solution.

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Financial Collection Service

Credit Recovery Limited has recently signed on the MNL as a service provider to assist towns with collections. Tax collection is a major issue in most towns and cities, and without effective tax collection strategies, the municipalities lack the locally raised revenues necessary to provide its services. CRL can analyze the means of every taxpayer in arrears and can suggest a specific plan of action for recovery.

Contact Jackie Tucker or Ross Payne of CRL to discuss your needs:

Tel: 709-753-8810 • Fax: 709-753-8820

Global Payment - Credit Card Purchasing

Updating information...please stand-by.

High Interest Savings Account (CIBC)

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Johnson Home Auto and Travel Insurance Program

MNL and Johnson Insurance, are pleased to offer municipal employees and members of council (Mayors, Councilors, Staff, Volunteer Fire Fighters, Ambulance Drivers) a group Home and Auto Insurance Program. Please call Johnson Insurance directly for a quote on any of your insurance needs - Tel: 1-800-910-1565 or Email: Website:


Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette Human Resource Advisory Service

Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette is pleased to partner with the Municipalities of Newfoundland and Labrador (MNL), to provide Human Resource Advisory services to MNL Members.

Many municipalities do not have dedicated HR professionals or the capacity to address all their HR needs. In recognition of this need, HR Consultants with Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette are available to provide expertise in the HR areas that will help municipalities enhance productivity, efficiency and employee engagement.

MNL members will benefit from a FREE 15-minute conversation with an HR consultant to assess needs and suggest a possible course of action, as well as 20% reduced rates and project fees. Call toll-free 1-844-287-0154.

LeGrow’s Travel

With the dynamic changes that have occurred during recent times within the travel industry and in an effort to streamline the management of our travel expenses, MNL felt it prudent to explore the travel marketplace for a preferred travel supplier of MNL and the benefits that could be afforded to our membership.

As a result of this analysis, we are pleased to announce that LeGrow’s Travel have been named the designated agency and travel partner of MNL effective immediately. LeGrow’s Travel has 18 branch offices throughout the province. The travel benefits being provided by LeGrow’s Travel under this arrangement include cost savings opportunities and value-added services and will be advantageous not only to our organization but also to our individual travelers.

PAL Travel Agreement

Discount of 23% - 47% depending on origin and destination
No Advance Booking – No applicable advance booking restrictions required on these corporate fares. Bookings, subject to availability, may be made at these fares at any time prior to flight departure
No Change Fees –Our regular change fee of $75 will not be applicable to these fares. Changes to reservations can be accommodated without an extra charge at any time prior to scheduled departure, subject to availability
Transferable – Tickets may be transferred to another employee without an extra charge or change in fares at any time prior to scheduled departure
Fully Refundable – Tickets for reservations canceled at least twenty four (24) hours prior to departure are fully refundable. Tickets for reservations canceled within 24 hours prior to scheduled departure will be charged the cost of the ticket
Reservations and Quotes can be made through your agent of choice or directly with Provincial Airlines reservation office 709-576-1666 / 1-800-563-2800 or online. Contract number (13MNL189) must be quoted at time of booking.

Stewart McKelvey Telephone Legal Referral Service

Stewart McKelvey provides, as a service to our members, a Telephone Legal Referral Service. This free service is a referral only - a short telephone call in which you can discuss issues with the solicitor and ask for clarification on particular legal standards. Members may use this service on any occasion as there is no charge to you. It’s free for MNL members and is provided by telephone only. A written opinion or analysis will be provided, if requested, at a reasonable rate. Please call 709-722-4270 to seek legal advice on any issue your municipality may be facing. E-mail:

Telelink - Monitoring

Updating information...please stand-by.

Telus Business

Telus was successful in being selected to provide member teleconferencing services. Key points about the TELUS Conference On Demand service:

  • Outstanding rate of $0.029/minute per caller anywhere in North America
  • TELUS owns and operates the solution which is a core component of the TELUS network.
  • The solution is carrier grade and highly secure.   Network components are all housed on Canadian soil, within highly secure TELUS Internet Data Centres (IDC’s) and Central Offices.
  • The TELUS Conference Team supports the solution 24x7x365 in both English and French.   Support is offered by email, Toll Free, and *0 (star zero) during an Audio Conference.
  • TELUS bills in six second increments and charges for the exact time used by each participant reducing cost when participants are not connected for the entire call.
  • Contact Mike Dion to get setup today!
  • Tel: 902-209-9802 •
Telus Mobility
Exclusive Telus offer for Municipal sector mobility use. Available to all councilors, staff and town-volunteers. Contact Jacqui Dupont-Aylward to get set up! Cell: 709-743-5707 or email:


trio - NL Municipal Employee Benefits Inc.

We offer members a complete Group Health and Life Insurance Program, a Pension Plan and Group Retirement Savings Plan and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for Group Insurance Participants through the NL Municipal Employee Benefits, Incorporated. For information on any of the benefits of TRIO, please contact the General Manager at 709-738-7338 or toll free at 1-888-330-7338 or via E-mail: