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Session 3: Leadership and Storytelling – How to effectively communicate and connect in a way that sticks

NOTE NEW Date and time: Thursday, October 21, 2021, 10:30 a.m. (NST)

Description: Since the beginning of time humans have shared stories as a way to engage, connect, learn, and communicate. Storytelling is the most powerful form of communications and the most effective way to ensure your messages are heard. Constituents use stories to present problems and our solution to those problems can become part of the narrative. Through stories, leaders can bring about monumental change. In this session you will learn how to apply storytelling skills to make you a more effective communicator and a stronger leader. You will also learn how to apply storytelling skills in media interviews as well as social media engagement. Following this session you will come away with several templates to help apply your new skills to your organizational strategy.

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Session cost: $35 CAN

Session 1: Inclusive Communications

Date and time: ACCESS ON DEMAND

Description: Leaders throughout the world are committing to being more inclusive, but a commitment doesn’t go far enough. To be effective and relevant as a leader, actions, behaviour, and communication must reflect inclusive values and the current social landscape. This one-hour session will give you the tools you need to engage with constituents and the broader community in a culturally sensitive and appropriate way. You’ll learn how to communicate in a way that unites and connects your community without alienating any group or individual. You’ll also come away with a tool kit on how you can make diverse and inclusive communications a priority amongst your team.

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Session cost: $35 CAN

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