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Upcoming Webinars:


eSCRIBE Software Overview and Demo
August 19, 2020, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT

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eSCRIBE is a leading provider for cloud-based meeting management solutions, popular with public sector boards, committees and councils. More than just creating automated agendas or acting as a record management system, eSCRIBE covers end-to-end of each meeting lifecycle.
Compliant with accessibility requirements, such as AODA, WCAG 2.0, eSCRIBE aims to improve efficiency, transparency and resource allocation, so users can focus on other higher-value tasks and projects to better serve their stakeholders.

In this series of eSCRIBE webinars, we will cover topics including:

  • Current meeting processes and how do you automate them
  • Motivators for the leap into digital
  • Introduction to eSCRIBE’s solutions and its ROI
  • Demo of how eSCRIBE works
  • Q&A

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Past Webinars:

The Importance of Broadband and Cellular for Rural Communities and How Community-Owned Broadband Networks Can Bridge the Gap. This webinar by Rock Networks will focus on the rural broadband and cellular connectivity gap and why it has been a challenge to deliver; why rural communities need affordable and abundant bandwidth to thrive; and, how Community-Owned Broadband Networks offer a solution to bridge these gaps.


Managing Mental Wellness and COVID-19. Do you want to engage in workplace mental health strategies but don’t know where to start? Are you wondering how those in your community are managing during this uncertain time of COVID-19? Would you like to offer more to your municipality in the way of mental wellness resources? Discover the need to Burn Bright and not Burn Out!


TELUS Business Solutions for Municipalities Dealing with COVID-19. Telus provides an overview of the multitude of solutions available for municipalities operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, including Remote Meetings (Webex), Business Connect, and Cloud Services.


HeritageNL: Utilizing Heritage Resources as Part of Post-COVID Community Renewal Strategies in NL. HeritageNL Executive Director Jerry Dick explored opportunities for communities to employ heritage projects as part of their strategies for getting people back to work, reviving local economies and considering new economic futures in the post-COVID-19 environment.


Placemaking, Economic Development, and COVID-19. Dr. Katherine Loflin talks about keeping your community together while apart and leveraging the new normal post-pandemic.


5 Best Practices for Managing Risk. The Cal LeGrow hosted a webinar on 5 of the most common risk challenges towns and cities are facing right now as each community finds its way through an unprecedented Crisis.


Purchasing Opportunities for COVID-19. MNL’s Director of Programs, Bradley Power, was joined by MNL Advantage Customer Relations Manager, Tim Elms, to discuss purchasing opportunities for municipalities dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.


Stewart McKelvey – Municipal Law Tips, Tricks and Traps Related to COVID-19. Partner Joe Thorne and Associate Sarah Byrne hosted a webinar for municipalities on general legal issues, including contracts, force majeure, inspections, municipal powers and enforcement.


Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador (RNL) – Recreation and Social Distancing During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Representatives from Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador hosted a webinar for municipalities and others highlighting tips, ideas and suggestions for helping people while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Stewart McKelvey – Labour and Employment Law for Municipalities During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Stewart McKelvey Partner Ian Wallace and Associate Giles Ayres hosted a webinar for municipalities highlighting labour and employment law during the COVID-19 pandemic.


eSCRIBE- Working Remotely and Conducting Remote Meetings with Digital Meeting Software.  With the sudden shift of our workforce into remote working situations, many public sector organizations have been left in the dark on how they can continue to facilitate remote meetings. eSCRIBE hosted a webinar to make MNL’s members aware of how they can leverage tools within their software to ease the burden on staff and make working remotely easy. With expedited onboarding and best practice agenda templates, they can have your organization up and running in weeks, not months.


SafetyNL – Business Continuity Tips for Municipalities Responding to COVID-19.  Len LeRiche, CEO of SafetyNL, and Trent Abbott, Resilience Specialist with Trent Abbott and Associates Inc., hosted a webinar on business continuity planning and advice for municipalities responding to COVID-19.


Vigilant Management – Impacts of COVID-19 on Your Construction Project.  Representatives from Vigilant Management hosted a webinar about the potential impacts of COVID-19 on construction project and educated organizations about how they can mitigate the risks.