Municipal Elections

MNL and PMA are working together to provide support to municipalities so they may carry out safe municipal elections during COVID-19. Read the release.


We are working on additional supports and will continue to update this website as well as inform members through emails including MNL’s weekly infoNOTE.

Getting ready to Vote by Mail (VBM)

Steps – Timeline – Checklist
ASAP → A decision must be made by Council to request the option of vote by mail (VBM). Municipal Elections Act (MEA) Sec. 54(1)
ASAP → Following Council decision, send a letter to the Minister of Municipal and Provincial Affairs requesting approval to authorize VBM.
ASAPDownload Template Request Letter.
April 29 → Watch on-demand: An Introduction to Vote By Mail, Presented by MNL
April/May → Receive Ministerial approval in writing MEA 54(1). This approval to proceed is required prior to Council taking the vote on their formal VBM Resolution.
April/May → While awaiting Ministerial approval begin a review of local voting plans and identify COVID-19 Alert Level contingency measures.
April/May – Template VBM Regulations can be found on the MNL Municipal Elections Website and COVID-19 guidance can be found on the MNL COVID19 site or
April/May → Once approval is received from Minister, a formal resolution authorizing Vote by Mail (VBN) must be passed by Council MEA 54(1). Sample VBM Resolution wording: “Be it resolved that the Town of [insert] authorize residents to vote by mail in the 2021 Municipal Election pursuant to Section 54 of the Municipal Elections Act.”
May→ WEBINAR: Your Voters List. 
May/June → Begin work on your voter list. An early start will make this a much smoother process.
May/June → Submit draft regulations to MAPA well ahead of the deadline.
Late May → WEBINAR: Is your election accessible?
June → WEBINAR: COVID-safe election basic.
June/July → Begin voters list at least two months before the election. (July 28 at the latest)
June/July → Following Council vote but no fewer than 60 days before election day MEA 54(3) Council shall make the regulations with respect to a mail-in system of voting that are necessary to carry out the election.
Late July → Not fewer than 60 days before election day MEA 54(4) the Returning Officer shall establish procedure and forms for voting by mail and provide a copy of the procedures and forms to each candidate for election.
Late August → Complete voters list one month before election (if not beforeMEA 31(3)
September 28th → Election Day! Download template guidance for poll staff. (Currently working on this document!)

Please Note:
 At the time of publication some of the documents listed in this table are still in DRAFT form but will be added to the municipal elections website as they are finalized.