Municipal Elections Act

Section 54 – Regulations for mail voting

      54. (1) A council of a municipality that is not a city may, by resolution vote to authorize voters to vote by mail in an election provided that council first obtains the approval, in writing, of the minister to conduct an election in that manner.

             (2)  A council of a city may by resolution vote to authorize voters to vote by mail in an election.

             (3)  Where a council has voted to conduct an election by mail under subsection (1) or (2), that council shall make the regulations with respect to a mail-in system of voting that are necessary to carry out the election and a regulation made under this section applies to all elections for the council that made the regulation that occur more than 60 days after that regulation is made.

             (4)  Not fewer than 60 days before election day, the returning officer shall

             (a)  establish procedures and forms for the conduct of voting by mail; and

             (b)  provide a copy of the procedures and forms to each candidate for election.

             (5)  The procedures and forms established by the returning officer, if they are consistent with the principles established under this Act and the required form of documents established by the minister, shall be considered to have been established under this Act.

             (6)  Where regulations made under section 97 are in effect, sections 26, 27 and 34 apply only if those regulations specify that those sections apply.


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