Chris Adams

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator

Chris Adams is the Work Integrated Learning Coordinator at MNL. His focus is on helping municipalities across the province find the knowledge and support they need to complete much needed projects via its post-secondary institutions, and successfully placing post-secondary students with municipalities to expose them to municipal work as a viable career path.

Chris has a background of working in post-secondary and adult education for close to 20 years, locally and internationally, including work as a government Teacher Trainer, a Visiting Professor for colleges and universities, and as a Global Business Coach for companies such as Samsung, LG, and DSME. He has also served as a Municipal Councillor, additionally acting as the Head of Public Works, and organizing and supervising student programs for the community. Chris is a certified Mentor Coach, Life Coach, and Stakeholder-Centered Executive Coach with a great deal of experience serving various for profit and non-profit agencies locally and around the globe. In his spare time, fewer and far between these days, he is also active in the arts and entertainment world as an actor, singer-songwriter, musician, and film technician, making him an ideal – and diverse – addition to our MNL staff.