Deputy Mayor Lynn Decker-Ellsworth

Small Towns Director

My name is Lynn Decker-Ellsworth, I live in Roddickton-Bide Arm, on the Eastern Side of the  Great Northern Peninsula. 

I am a teacher with the English School District, currently teaching at HG Fillier Academy in Englee. I have been very involved in my community in the many years I have lived here. I love my hometown and I strive to make this community a happy and viable place for all who choose to call it home. My goal is to make sure my children had a great childhood, as I did growing up in this small town.

I have been very involved with many aspects in my town and surrounding areas. Over the years I have been involved in many volunteer positions such as Girl Guides and Sunday School. I have been a member of the School Council, and was very involved in the start up of the Family Resource Centers on the Eastern Side of the  GNP. I have been a member of the Recreation Committee in Roddickton -Bide Arm, raising money to build a playground and keep the doors open at the local arena and swimming pool. I was a member of the local Harbour Authority until it ceased, now a member of the local Enhancement Committee, which is hoping to carry on the great work of the Harbour Authority. 

I served as a board trustee with  Labrador Grenfell until the four Regional Health Boards became one, I am currently serving as a board trustee with CBDC NORTIP, John Wesley United Church board member, and Small Town Director with MNL. 

I was first elected in Municipal Politics in 1997, elected as Deputy Mayor. In terms since,  ( non consecutive ) I  have served as Mayor, Councillor and currently Deputy Mayor.