Councillor Trina Appleby


Deputy Mayor Trina Appleby grew up in Burin and has been around municipal politics all of her life.

Trina Appleby was elected as Deputy Mayor of Torbay in 2017 and elected councillor in 2021. Appleby is currently Chair of the Community Services and Economic Development Committee of Council and is a member of the Human Resources and Administration Committee.

Appleby is a proud parent and volunteer with a strong background in strategic planning and economic development. She has worked with local and international businesses, the community sector, and with all three levels of government. She also has experience in business start-ups, information technology, research, oil and gas, agrifoods, trade and export.

Appleby is currently the Chair of the Jack Byrne Regional Sports and Entertainment Centre and Chair of the North East United Soccer Club in Torbay. She served 10 years with the Rural Secretariat and two-years on the Newfoundland and Labrador Oil and Gas Industry Association (NOIA) Board of Directors. Appleby was also a member of the first Time in Torbay organizing committee and has volunteered with the school breakfast program.