Councillor Della DeMoss smiles for the camera

Mayor Della DeMoss

Della DeMoss is a resident of and Mayor for the community of Roddickton-Bide Arm.   

Della was elected to council in the last three consecutive elections and served two-and-a-half terms as Deputy Mayor.   

In addition to serving on council, Della serves as Vice President for the Great Northern Joint Council; she is Treasurer for John Wesley United Church and Board Secretary for the Englee Pastoral Board.  

Della is a proud mother of three children: one daughter and two sons, and a grandmother of three: one grandson and two granddaughters. She is married to Evelyn Fillier of Englee, NL.  

Della has a two-year Business Administration Diploma, and has worked in the legal profession since the 1990’s, and has worked eight years within the employment counseling field. She is currently  employed as a Detachment Assistant with the RCMP  

Words that can be used to describe Della are Dedicated, Determined and Focused