Mayor George Andrews

Labrador Director

I am a proud resident of Happy Valley-Goose Bay.  I was elected Mayor of my beautiful community during the last round of municipal elections. This marked a return to municipal government after serving as a councillor and deputy mayor years ago.

My parents went to Wabush during the early days. I was born in Labrador City and grew up in Wabush! After graduating from JRSC Collegiate, I went on to an incredible 40-year career within the Canadian Coast Guard. During my career, I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to have worked in Cartwright on the south coast of Labrador, where I met my beautiful wife. We moved to Happy Valley-Goose Bay and started our family there. We have two beautiful daughters.

Throughout my life, I have always given back to my community! I have always worked tirelessly and been involved in organizations to do the same. Some of these organizations include the Lake Melville Shrine Club, Terrington Consumers Co-op, the Early Childhood Development Association, and the Snowflake Skating Club.

I strongly support accountability and inclusion.  I also enjoy working as part of a team to achieve results.  With your support, I look forward to bringing the “Labrador lens” to the important discussions at the MNL Board table.

I always say that the only bad idea is one that doesn’t get tabled to discuss. Working together we can continue the great work of this organization!