Sponsorship Information 2024

Our mission: Empower and support local governments to build vibrant communities

Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador, a membership-based organization representing the province’s 275 municipalities, is dedicated to supporting and strengthening local government through advocacy and program delivery.

MNL hosts several annual municipal sector events. These events are made possible by the support of our partners and sponsors.

To discover the full range of sponsorship opportunities, download the 2024 MNL sponsorship package.

The Value of Supporting MNL

Your sponsorship dollars support MNL’s efforts to strengthen and promote effective, informed leadership at the local government level.  

It is often said that local government has the most direct impact on residents. By supporting MNL, you are directly contributing to the betterment of Newfoundland and Labrador’s communities. 

Your support of MNL’s work brings with it significant benefits in the form of access to the municipal sector’s key decision-makers. MNL’s membership mailing list provides access to all 275 incorporated municipalities. Printed event programs reach 300 to 400+ people at the Municipal Symposium each spring, and 400 to 600+ people at the annual MNL Conference each fall. 

Local governments – incorporated towns and cities – are a business, with a need for services and products from a wide range of suppliers. Your MNL event sponsorship includes direct, in-person connections to decision-makers at the province’s largest municipal sector events.  

Partnering with MNL provides access to both our membership and the goodwill we have established amongst our membership as a trusted source of municipal information. 

For more information, or to become a sponsor, contact Bradley Power, MNL Director of Programs.