Can I do That?

Understanding a municipal councillor's role, their authority and the limits to that authority are an important part of being a councillor. And it isn't always clear what you can or can't do.

2016 Convention

Getting to the Gate: Equal Voice Municipal Campaign School

Equal Voice is NL pleased to partner with Municipalities Newfoundland & Labrador in this session of Getting to the Gate with Councillor Sheilagh O'Leary of the City of St. John's (also Equal Voice NL Co-Chair) and Councillor Amy Coady-Davis of the Town of Grand-Falls Winsor.

A woman's opportunity for election hinges on a decision…“to run or not to run.”

The enduring challenge is getting women to the gate. In the last two municipal elections in Newfoundland & Labrador women represented approximately 1/3 of the candidates and 1/3 of those elected.

This session is an opportunity to learn about the organization Equal Voice and its objective to increase the number of women elected at all levels of government.

The audience will hear from two women who currently sit on municipal councils about how they each made the decision to run, the election process and their experiences as councillors.

2016 Convention

Harris Centre: Population Project

Recent work on population projections at Memorial will help municipalities see what they will look like in terms of demographics for the next 20 or 30 years, this work will also help municipal councils better understand how to design public services for the population of the future – how many of us will be here, and what will we look like? That's some of what Dr. Keith Storey will discuss today.

2016 Convention

KBRS: Mastering Difficult Conversations

Knightsbridge Robertson Surette (KBRS): Mastering Difficult Conversations presented by Heather Peters.

2016 Convention

Keynote by Ed Morrison

Horizontal Innovation: A New Approach to Generating Ingenuity

2016 Convention

Municipal Planning: Council Obligations

Planning is a critical part of a council's role. Having a municipal plan expands a municipal council's authority and encourages more effective growth. Corrie Davis from Municipal Affairs discusses the importance of doing land use planning properly.

2016 Convention

Premier's Forum

On Wednesday, October 5th Premier Ball will hold the first ever forum with municipal leaders to discuss strategic issues facing us all. The forum is meant to be the beginning of a conversation that will extend to our regional meetings, the Symposium, to next year's Convention and beyond. During this session Andy will present a recap of that session to bring everyone up to speed on what was discussed at the Forum and what the next steps are.

2016 Convention

Prepping for Disaster

Lessons learned from Fort McMurray & Need for a National Flood Strategy.  By Amanda Dean with the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

2016 Convention

Respectful Workplaces Panel

Respectful Workplaces: Harassment Policies for Municipalities with panelists:

Twila Reid: Partner, Stewart McKelvey

Linda Ross: President/CEO, PACSW-NL

Cheri Butt: CEO, WRDC

Karen Hurley Power: NL Human Rights Commission

2016 Convention

Ricoh: Disaster recovery plan for municipal information

MNL is hearing more and more stories of municipalities losing critical information from their office computers. Recovering this data can be a time consuming and expensive proposition. The challenge is even greater when that data is intentionally highjacked by someone who then demands a ransom from the town to get it back. It's not a movie plot, it has happened already in several communities. Nadine Billard will present one possible solution from Ricoh.

2016 Convention

Sustainable Northern and Coastal Communities

Memorial University's Sustainable Northern and Coastal Communities session was presented by Sheila Downer

2016 Convention

Terms of Engagement: Building a Social Community

As populations grow and evolve, Towns and cities are struggling to develop new and innovative engagement methods, including those that embrace new technologies and social media, to better bring the public into conversations on the future. Let's face it, not all of our engagement in recent decades has been very engaging!

WaterWerks Communications, Director of Communications Julie Curtis gives an informative and interactive demonstration on the power of an engaged community.

2016 Convention

Tidy Towns Awards Ceremony

This was the 20th anniversary of the  Tidy Towns competition, an event that inspires a huge amount of voluntary effort in communities across our province. MNL and the Department of Municipal Affairs works in partnership to deliver this program and our goal is to grow voluntary effort and motivate sustainable change across our province, where we can all work together to make our communities the very best it can be.

2016 Convention